The Story behind the Initial

The story behind a single initial…

Receiving jewellery as a gift is already very special, but when someone personalises it, it speaks to the soul. It is like the shortest, but most important message. It captures a promise or a sense of a story, a beginning or an ending. A personal message that can make her smile, commemorating a date, wearing a loved one’s initial proudly. It might be an inside joke, an intimate memory, honouring a loved one. We love hearing the significance behind these pieces.

Unique and Personal is definitely trending and the variety or personalised options are endless!

We personally love this …

It was a first for us, but definitely the sweetest idea. A couple had their finger prints engraved on their wedding bands and it looked great! What is more unique than a finger print, right?

Then you have the option of a monogram or initial, which carries a little bit of an anonymity in a sense. It is a special message. Only you know whom the initial belongs to.

A classic option for a unique jewellery piece is branding it with an engraved message, a special date, a name or even a drawing.

Who remembers the mother’s day competition we had at Welgemoed Primary School? Kids had to draw their moms and the winner received that special drawing perfectly engraved on a pendant, the youth of their child perfectly preserved forever.

Personalised Ranges

At Obsidian Jewellery Studio we realise that personalised jewellery options are endless. The stories behind each piece, purchase or order are always heartfelt and interesting to hear. We do not want to limit our clients’ options, so we offer it all! From cut-out initials and names, building a story with letters and charms, monograms, adding a special stone, engravings and unlimited design options. Obsidian Jewellery Studio creates, designs and manufactures simplistic personalised jewellery.

To start your personalised jewellery collection, Obsidian is giving you the chance to win one of our handmade sterling silver engraved bar pendants. Simply go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions to enter. Good luck!




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