Over the years Obsidian has earned a reputation as a preferred and favoured supplier of various reputable insurance companies, including OUTsurance, Discovery Insure, Hollard and MiWAY, for replacement and repair claims.

Our extensive experience in dealing with different insurers and their clients means that we are familiar, and fully compliant, with the rules, regulations and systems of the insurers. Over the years Obsidian has won several awards for Best Service provider, and our customer satisfaction driven approach helps to ensure that you have a smooth, pleasant and hassle-free jewellery claims experience with us.

We understand that having to replace a cherished jewellery piece can be an overwhelming task. With our personalised service, which includes advice and recommendations on the best style and design most suited to your budget, you’re sure to walk away smiling.

Should you need more information on insurance claims, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephonically.