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How do you decide on the perfect engagement ring?

The decision to ask her is already a big one but choosing the perfect engagement ring should not be.

Most girls dream of the day that they get asked THE question – The setting, the surprise, the anticipation, who will be there or who won’t be there? Even if she saw it coming from a mile away or was absolutely floored, getting engaged is a very intimate and personal event in one’s life.

It represents just how well you know her and while a pebble may do for the Adelie Penguin, a pebble might not cut it for the girl of your dreams.

Obsidian Jewellery Studio has been designing and manufacturing engagement rings for the last 14 years, why not let one of our experienced designers guide you on what is important to consider when deciding on an engagement ring?


Traditionally it is believed that an engagement ring should carry the value of 3 month’s salary. We don’t agree and would hope that it does not matter to her, but considering that she will be wearing this ring every day – it represents her and a future indication of just how well you can take care of her. Quality is key!

Therefor we suggest a bespoke piece. Most people think that getting a ring designed and manufactured is more expensive than just buying one in store, surprisingly that is not the case. Let’s give you an example:

“Grant calls and arranges an appointment with designer, Lily. He arrives with a picture of what he has in mind for a ring to propose to Melissa. When it comes to jewellery, he is clueless. Lily, by looking at the design, gives a quote on the type of metal, estimate size and type of stone. The quote estimate comes to R27 500.00. Grant looks like he swallowed a pineapple. Grant says: I only have R20 000.00 to spend. By selecting a suitable metal and adjusting the design a bit to accommodate a smaller diamond Lily can now give a quote fitting in with his budget. Using her experience of 20 years, and prompting Grant about Melissa’s personality and lifestyle she also suggests a few design changes to make the ring uniquely suited for Melissa’s style and taste.”

Always know your max and let us tell you your minimum.


How do you determine her style?

You absolutely get your traditional style engagement rings, but there is no set rule. Based on her current jewellery, clothes, choices in home décor etc. In what style category would you place her according to the following:

Ms Traditional – This is your traditional type of girl, she leans more towards a style that compliments everything. Its safe and always a winner!
Ms Butterfly – She likes a little colour, she’s a little non-traditional and different.
Ms Trendy - She keeps up with the latest trends, also a bit of a fashion risk taker!
Ms Trendy – She keeps up with the latest trends, also a bit of a fashion risk taker!
Ms Plain & Simple – Her work environment might not allow her to wear jewellery with claws or stone settings that might damage

Fishing for hints from family and friends.

After asking her best friend Emma, her mother and her sister for help. You will have a good collection of opinions to combine, a partner in crime to figure out her finger size and a very angry mob of woman, if you change your mind. If you do not want to take a risk in spoiling the surprise, perhaps try the following:

Best friends tend to like the same things, if you are lucky, Emma might already be married, and you can have look at what she is wearing. Do not dare replicate the exact ring!

If she is close to her mother, having a sneak peek at your soon to be mother-in-law’s jewellery taste, might not hurt. Perhaps takings a few details, modernising or altering the style does the trick.

Contact us

If all else fails, we have an amazing catalogue of previous designs and engagement ring examples we can show you.

Guys! Obsidian Jewellery Studio is here for you – do not despair! We have qualified, experienced designers that love a challenge. We are here to guide and assist you in making her dreams come true.

“May no gift be to small, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied in love” – Obsidian Jewellery Studio

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